About Mad About LED

Mad About LED New Business Card SmallIf you've come to this website looking for economical 12/24 Volt DC LED products, for your caravan, camper or motor-home, then you've come to the right place.

Conventional Halogen, Incandescent or Fluoro Lighting are the most power-hungry systems known. Whereas, LED can save up to 7 times (or more) your current power draw. This equates to extended battery power in between charges which in turn gives you more time to enjoy and explore the great outdoors. We are Grey Nomads ourselves and know the importance of conserving battery power as much as possible when traveling throughout Australia.

When it comes to supplying easy to install LED lighting for the conversion of existing 12/24 Volt DC fittings found in Caravans, Motor-Homes, RV's, Campers and Boats, MadAboutLED.com is Australia's LED Conversion Specialist.

The purpose of this website is to demystify the technical babble about LED, give you the knowledge of what LED products will work best for you, confidence to do your own LED conversions and because we're a "motor-home" based business without the overheads we can offer you great service and products at affordable prices. Over time we will update this website with tutorials and how-to video clips to help you. However, if you can't find the information or product you are looking for, simply contact us because we're here and happy to help.