Convert 12v Fluoro with LED Cluster Fittings

Typical G4 Halogen Bulb

How to convert 12 volt Fluorescent to LED

D2 type fluorescent tube also known as 2D type 12v fluorescent tube are common lights found in many Caravans, Motor Homes or RV's. Fluorescent light are a bit more difficult to replace than standard 12 volt bulbs but they are doable.  All 12 volt fluorescent  tubes including the 2D  fluorescent type (pictured right) have an electronic starter and this must be by-passed to wire in any LED replacement.  You can still use the original switch in the light fitting once the electronic starter has been by-passed.  

Our latest development is a new light fitting to take the place of a D2 (double D)  fluorescent tube or to convert older type dome lights found in older caravans Motorhomes and RV's.  We make these fittings ourselves and they can use either 1, 2, 3 or 4 G4 Disc type Side Pin LED's or G4 LED Bulbs.  We've named the new fittings a G4 Single Cluster, G4 Double ClusterG4 Triple Cluster and a G4 Quad Cluster.  Eventually if there’s enough demand we’ll have these mass manufactured, but until then we're happy making them, despite being more a labour of love than a profitable product as they can up to 20 minutes just to assemble one.

The G4 Clusters as designed to use the G4 Disc Type LED's with a side pin configuration and for D2/2D fluorescent replacement we recommend using the new generation LED called 5630 which are 3 times brighter than the 5050’s and overall use much less power.

To put this into prospective, one 5630 SMD is three times brighter than a 5050 SMD. 36 – 5630 SMD’s will use only 9 watts of power and are the equivalent of 108 – 5050 SMD’s in light output. As a replacement for a 16 or 21 Watt D2 these are worth considering (more light and around half the power). Again though as a direct replacement for an 11 Watt D2 Fluro there’s not enough power saving to warrant it, unless you want to just upgrade.

At we specialize in supplying easy to install LED lighting for the conversion of existing 12v caravan lights, 12v rv lights, 12v motor home lights, 12v camper lights. If you are unsure which Cluster Fitting would be the best LED conversion for your caravan, motorhome, camper or RV, simply contact us and we'll do out best to help.


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G4 Quad Cluster Fitting

G4 Quad Cluster Fitting

Cluster fittings make it easy to replace or upgrade Multi Volt G4 Disc Type LED's anytime, allowing you to tailor the light output to suit your requir..

Price From $15.00

G4 Triple Cluster Fitting

G4 Triple Cluster Fitting

Use 3 Multi Volt G4 Disc Type LED's to tailor light output to your needs. Easily convert 12v Fluorescent and incandescent dome style lights to L.E.D. ..

Price From $12.00

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