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Our Aluminium 12 Volt LED Light Bars are available in 5630 and 5050 Type LED SMD's and in four different lengths. Each Light Bar is supplied with a frosted cover and frosted end caps which will aid you in permanently mounting the Light Bar. 

Good Option: 5050 Type LED's, these are good where a lower level of light is required. The colour of the light generated is Pure White (natural white).

Best Option:  5630 Type LED's, these are good where a higher level of light is required. The colour of the light generated is Cool White.  5630 LED's are generally on the higher side of “Cool White”. This means that they have a little more of a “blue” tinge and can take some getting adjusted to. That said, they are very bright and once you get used to them, anything else will seem dull.

At we specialize in supplying easy to install LED lighting for the conversion of existing 12 Volt fittings found in  Caravans, Motor Homes,  RV's and Campers.  If you are unsure which replacement fitting would be the best for your caravan or RV, simply contact us and we'll do out best to help.

Emitter Type Good Option: SMD 5050 LED Best Option: SMD 5630 LED
Total Emitters 125mm Length: 9 SMD's 250mm Length: 18 SMD's 500mm Length: 36 SMD's 1000mm Length: 72 SMD's
Colour Output Good Option: SMD 5050 Type LED Pure White Best Option: SMD 5630 Type LED Cool White
Rated Voltage 125mm Length SMD 5630: 12v 2.3 Watts 250mm Length SMD 5630: 12v 4.5Watts 500mm Length SMD 5630: 12v 9.0 Watts 1000mm Length SMD 5630: 12v 18 Watts 125mm Length SMD 5050: 12v 1.8 Watts 250mm Length SMD 5050: 12v 3.6Watts 500mm Length SMD 5050: 12v 7.2 Watts 1000mm Length SMD 5050: 12v 14.4 Watts
Luminous Flux 125mm Length SMD 5630: 225 Lumen 250mm Length SMD 5630: 450 Lumen 500mm Length SMD 5630: 900Lumen 1000mm Length SMD 5630: 1800 Lumen 125mm Length SMD 5050: 125 Lumen 250mm Length SMD 5050: 250 Lumen 500mm Length SMD 5050: 500 Lumen 1000mm Length SMD 5050: 1000 Lumen
Colour Temperature Good Option: SMD 5050 Type 6000K Best Option: SMD 5630 Type 6500K+
Product Size 125mm Length: 125mm x 15mm x 15mm 250mm Length: 250mm x 15mm x 15mm 500mm Length: 500mm x 15mm x 15mm 1000mm Length: 1000mm x 15mm x 15mm
Socket or Connector Base Type Wire for Direct Connection

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Aluminium 12V LED Light Bars

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